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What is Linkstacks

How to add links

On the website

When logged in you will find a button in the top left corner marked as a plus symbol, clicking it (or pressing the hotkey ALT + L) will show a popup where links can be added as text.

From the feed viewer

When reading an article you can save a link to it by hovering over the header and clicking the icon (or long pressing on touch-devices). Any links that are found inside the article can be save the same way.

Mobile apps

Currently only available for IOS and Android.

Browser plugins

Currently only available for Firefox and Chrome. The plugin will allow you to add links while you visit a site simply by clicking the Linkstacks-button in the top bar.

Via bookmarklet

Our bookmarklet works like the browser plugin but some sites are restricting access to 3rd party scripts which may break the functionality.

Via import

Import bookmarks from browsers or other sites.


  • When you import if the title of the categories or folders in the source-file matches any of your existing stacks the two will be merged into one big stack.
  • If you add a lot of new links it will take us a little while to fetch metadata. Take a cup of coffee and come back 😀


Share a stack

Any public stack can be shared as a read-only version via the Share button or simply by copying the url.

Stack as feed

Public stacks are also available RSS feeds. Most feed readers will accept the url of the stack and be able to detect the feed. Alternatively the feed can be accessed directly by adding /feed to the url.


  • The initial feed will contain the newest links (up to 100) and will be updated as new links gets added.


Stacks can be shared as editable between multiple people. When a shared stack is changed, anyone who is participating in the collaboration will see the change immediately.


  • The person who initiated the collaboration is still the owner of the stack and only the owner can invite and remove people and change public/private status.
  • If the connection is broken by either collaborator the mirrored stack will return to a normal stack and contain the links that was in it when the connection was broken.

To invite people to a stack, first click Share and then Collaborate. Then under the invite via email section you enter the email addresses of the people you wish to invite. The email address does not have to belong to an active account on Linkstacks, a flow will help users add the address to an existing account or create a new one.

Working with feeds

Many sites, especially news sites, provide one or more feeds, which contain articles in either full or a summary format. Sometimes you will see these described as either RSS or Atom which is different machine-readable formats both readable by Linkstacks. When you subscribe to a feed Linkstacks will periodically check the source for any new articles and they will appear as unread in the Linkstacks interface.


Feeds are added the same way as links, using the top + button or ALT + L simply pasting a link anywhere. You can both add direct links to a RSS/Atom feed or links to feeds with discoverable feeds. After a entering a link any detected feeds will show below the regular Add url button.


  • Per default new feeds are added to a feed-category Uncategorized, this can be changed by navigating to the desired folder using the left panel.


To remove a feed from your account, click Unsubscribe under the menu.


Create a new category by navigating to the feed you want to categorize and click Category ... under the top left menu.


When new articles arrive they can be found both under * All feeds, grouped under a feed category and under each individual feed. Clicking on the caption (or ) of an article will expand it and mark it as read. See more navigation options under keyboard-shortcuts.

Marking items read

Sometimes there are too many unread items to go through them individually. The Mark all read will mark all items read in the current context; current feed, current category or all feeds.


  • Read articles are normally hidden from view but can be viewed by toggling Hide read items under the menu.




How to delete your data

When loggged in you go to Profile and then Deactivate account. Here you must type your username and your profile will be disabled immediately and you will be logged out. After 30 days your data will be deleted.


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